ChucK on Intel® Galileo
These instructions are written under the assumption that your Galileo is running the Intel® Galileo Development Kit for IoT linux image. These insructions may work on other Galileo Linux images that have a working GCC toolchain, alsa, etc installed.

The Iot Devkit image is available here

These instructions assume that you have installed the proper audio drivers for your hardware.
Download and Extract the ChucK source code
Download using wget and extract using tar


tar -xzvf chuck-

Compile ChucK

cd chuck-

make linux-alsa

Compilation takes a while (at least 10 minutes). When it is done compiling install ChucK by running make install

make install

Download prebuilt binary (instead of compiling)
Alternatively, You can download a prebuilt binary for the Galileo (requires alsa) here copy chuck to /usr/bin then, run the command below

chmod 755 /usr/bin/chuck